its who we know1

From LinkedIn to Monster, and advanced Google searches, the possibilities seem endless to make "anonymous contacts". But in actuality, you need more to land a great job or fill an important role on your team. It's far better to have established trusted relationships to leverage. That's where we come in. Pace Morgan has the established relationships you need to further your career in a timely fashion or help you identify and build a world class Cybersecurity team in record time.

Our New Name - Select Cyber

Pace Morgan Executive Search is focused on filling Cybersecurity jobs and related disciplines to help keep our clients data safe and where it belongs. That's why we are changing our name to Select Cyber - it best defines who we are now! We look forward to making this transformation and launching our new web presence very soon in 2020!

Whether you are an employer looking to build a growing team, or a candidate searching for your next career move, we bring together the best resources within the information security sector. Our consultant recruiters understand the complex threats of an increasingly interconnected and exposed data.

We are known across multiple industries for our proven expertise within Information Security, IT Risk Management, GRC and Privacy. The recruiting consultants at Pace Morgan are excited to work on our current job openings and proud to be a part of recruiting the very best “C-Level” security executives and building the teams that support them.

Why Cybersecurity?

The news bytes never end; cyber attacks and data breaches have dominated the news on a weekly basis for years. Unfortunately no organization is 100% safe. What's at risk? Everything! The onslaught by cyber criminals from across the globe is unrelenting as hackers become more adept at building their skills for corporate data penetration. As a result, cyber or information security executives are playing a crucial role in protecting companies’ assets and intellectual property. Pace Morgan is here to assist by identifying the best employees to fill these critical roles and help avoid costly disruptions to critical operations, and loss of confidence with corporate customers and investors.