why fly solo

You’re considering a job change and that’s good because you are the only one to do just that. As an Information Security or Engineering professional, you should be able to anticipate and adapt in your career, including a change of company, industry and certainly a new job. Our list of open jobs with Pace Morgan Executive Search is always changing so be sure to check back often.

Why Consider a Change?

Don’t be concerned about hurting your resume by changing jobs. While the recruiters at Pace Morgan certainly don’t suggest job hopping, we know that changing jobs is often the best way to build new skills, new contacts, and your ability to handle transition. If feel you're ready  for a career coach, we can help there too. 

Why Talk to a Pace Morgan Recruiter?

Pace Morgan has a proven reputation with Fortune 1000, NASDAQ, and Private Equity backed companies for placing the very best Cyber Security and Engineering staff.  There are many reasons to use a recruiter and Pace Morgan is one of your best options available. Start by sending us your resume for a free critique. Collectively, our recruiting team has had tens of thousands of conversations with Information Security engineers much like yourself. Yes, without a doubt we know what is best for your career plan and help prepare you for interview, because we have career counseled many executives to the top as a CISO of their respective companies.

Our Consultant / Recruiter / Partners offer sector-specific expertise in Information Security and Engineering. That means we know exactly what each of our clients seek and can make informed recommendations as to which opportunities might be ideal for your next move.

Your Next Step...

This is an exciting time for you and great chance to reinvent yourself and critically assess your skills and strengths so you can re-apply them to a new job, business, and even industry. And when the time comes, ee we'll be glad to help you take the required steps for the top job of Chief Information Security Officer. Coming to Pace Morgan Executive Search and talking to a recruiter is the first step in that process.

open quote_sml Without a doubt we know what is best for your career plan because we have career counseled many executives to the top of their respective companies.