better resumes1

The importance of having a dynamic, easily understood and comprehensive resume cannot be overstated. Regardless of your job, from Information Security Analyst to CISO or VP of Network Engineering, an excellent resume alone may not get you that great job, but you won’t land the first interview without a good one.

Resume Writing Tips from our Recruiters

The following tips were gathered from the Pace Morgan recruiting team, please use them to avoid common resume mistakes:

  • Avoid the use of common available “resume templates”. Common templates will present your resume as just that, “common”, and will not give you a desired original presentation. There is absolutely no replacement for the time and thought necessary when creating a quality resume.
  • Do NOT put your picture on your resume… unprofessional.
  • Pick an easy to read font like Ariel or Times New Roman.
  • Use an “Executive Summary” or “Profile” section at the top of your resume.
  • Use the 8-12 second rule: “create interest for your reader, while being brief and to the point.”
  • Unless targeting a specific position, avoid industry specific terminology or jargon. The person initially reviewing your resume will probably have a limited working knowledge of what the acronyms mean.
  • Never rely solely on your computer to catch common spelling and grammatical mistakes. Read the resume starting from the bottom and progress up to your contact information. There is NO excuse for typos and grammatical errors, as these mistakes will certainly affect your opportunity adversely.
  • Your resume is an introduction to your next job, keep it simple, relevant and concise. Focus on your skills, but remember it’s only the first of several steps in your search for the perfect career opportunity.
  • Let one of our Pace Morgan recruiters assist you with a professional review of your resume. Pace Morgan is comprised of experienced Human Resources professionals who can assist you with ALL of your career development plans.