telephone interview2

Being fully prepared for your telephone interview is clearly critical for landing any good job. For Information Security and Engineering professionals, its really more of a technical phone screen than an interview… But you must take it seriously or they won’t invite you for an in-person interview.

Phone Screens

Before you get the chance to meet your prospective employer you may encounter a phone screen /  interview. This interview tool is used to quickly screen out the lower group of IT and Engineering candidates. In-person interviews take time and money and are only for the very best. Tips:

  • Most phone interviews are conducted by HR. Don’t try to spend 10 minutes bonding with them, just be personable but get down to business. Respect the clock and keep your answers short.
  • If your telephone interview is with a hiring manager that is often better for you as long as you are prepared.
  • Have the conversation in a quiet place without distractions. Be sure to disable call waiting.
  • Have a copy of your resume and a note pad handy. Write down information which the interviewer mentions or stresses are important. This will help you during the follow-up call to your recruiter.
  • Know as much as you can about the company and the job you are interviewing in advance. Look up the company on the internet for news stories. This will show you’ve done your homework and are interested in them.
  • R-E-L-A-X. Don’t appear desperate or anxious during your interview. Remember you’re on the short list of candidates if you have gotten you this far.
  • At the close of the phone interview, recap two top skills, thank the person by name and ask what the next steps are. Wait for the response and end the call. Of course, immediately contact your recruiter to recap the call.  Generally, they will know rather quickly if you are invited back for an in-person interview.