why use a recruiter1

Your expertise is dealing with daily DDoS attacks, ransomeware and pesky trojan horses.  At Pace Morgan, our expertise is matching Information Security experts with the the very best jobs of cutting-edge employers. Our recruiting focus is only within Information Security, (Cybersecurity), and related Engineering jobs. We are not generalist IT recruiters, we employ a proven team of specialized cybersecurity recruiters and counselors who understand your career choices better any IT generalist. For a personal discussion please call our main office at (832) 819-4480 to speak to one of our recruiter partners today.

Why Use a Recruiter?

Why not let your users install their own patches? Seriously, who do you want screening your resume, an algorithm on dice or an actual live recruiter? A job board can’t contact a hiring manager directly like us or highly recommend at a meeting that they talk to you. Executive Recruiters, or headhunters as some call us, are a valuable asset for your job search. We are selective and only work with the very best employers. This saves you time as we assist with the entire job hunt process. More importantly, a good recruiter will play an active role in your career guidance for years, not just for one job interview.

The Hidden Jobs Market

You have heard more than once that the best jobs are never advertised and you need to network to make you way in. Inasmuch as that is true you need to network with the right people who and industry knowledge and can make the right introductions for you. An effective recruiter does more than just find you a great job in cybersecurity An effective recruiter is also a career counselor helping you to plan out your career direction, giving resume advice and assisting with interview preparation so you can present the best way possible and land the job you want.