Recruitment Process Outsourcing

You need to hire fast and at higher than normal volume, but don’t have the budget to either use search firms exclusively or add to your HR staff. Solution? Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) with most engagement projects operating over 3-6 months, you can instantly add to your recruitment efforts within Information Security with seasoned recruiters for a fraction of your other alternatives.

Our Direct RPO Model

When faced with challenging recruiting timelines many organizations find it beneficial to outsource some or all portions of the recruiting process to “PM Direct”. Under this Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model RPO you will transfer processes such as candidate research, direct sourcing, internet sourcing, candidate screening to Pace Morgan. These processes tend to rapidly scale up with peak hiring demand levels and as a result lend themselves to outsourcing vs. building additional full-time overhead leveraging executive search firms for a great number of positions.

PM Direct is often a blended and fluid project-based program that will create pre–screened candidates into your hiring process at a cost savings of at least 50% compared to standard executive search services. Additionally, recruiter resources may be redeployed to new recruiting projects at any point throughout the program as needs arise. The end result is you drive down cost per hire without having to add additional headcount within your HR function.

By utilizing PM Direct from Pace Morgan, you achieve expert sourcing capabilities for your front end process while significantly improving cycle times, quality of talent.